Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Concert Prep!!


Today we practiced the Christmas Concert at the Dome! The kids had a fun time running around the field, watching others perform, and standing up on stage with all the lights on them! We even had a DJ spinning our track! :) It was so much fun!

Important Announcements:

1. Tomorrow we have the afternoon performance at 1:30 PM. The dome was not cold today. It was comfortable. -- Please have the students ready in their concert outfit for tomorrow's performance. Remember to be on time/early to school tomorrow morning! We are leaving for the dome to practice around 9:00 AM. :)

2. The evening performance may be a little colder...

  • Students need to be dropped off (RETURN TO SCHOOL) to the classroom at 6:00 PM tomorrow evening for the evening performance! 
  • Following the evening performance students are to be picked up back at St. Judes! Students are not permitted to leave with parents from the dome. :) 

3. For the Christmas Concert Outfit : If the students have a green or red track suit (sweatpants and matching top) or if you don't have that then jeans and a green or red sweatshirt/shirt/sweater will work! Any questions please ask. Anything "Christmas"... we had some friends wearing hats and sunglasses which looked absolutely awesome on stage... if you would like to send some sunglasses and a hat with them, please feel free to do that! :) 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thursday & Friday!

Last week was a busy week!! We had so much going on this week with Parent/Teacher conferences and Christmas Concert prep!... I will post what we did Thursday and Friday over the next couple days with the photos!


1. Tomorrow we are going to be doing our Christmas Concert Rehearsal at the dome!
2. They are asked to wear their Christmas Concert outfit for tomorrow. Keep in mind that the dome is a little chilly on colder days so sending an extra long sleeve for under their clothes would be a good idea! 
3. For the Christmas Concert: Outfit -- If you have a green or red track suit (sweatpants and matching top) or if you don't have that then jeans and a green or red sweatshirt/shirt/sweater will work! Any questions please ask. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December 5th, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 

Today we started our day with a story about a snowman with a cold... we then worked on sequencing the story to build our comprehension skills. After this we started to work on our letter Ww sounds but then we got pulled for our practice of the Christmas Concert! We LOVE doing our dance and showing off our awesome dance moves! :)
Then we had a great Gym class with Ms. Yustin and then we went to recess... We all wanted to stay in with Ms. Gray... some even said "I will miss you" to her as they left... I told them I will be watching them from the window and they will have fun.

After lunch we started working on our UOI Solar System... Today we learned all about JUPITER! We learned that not only is it the largest planet, but it takes 11 Earth years for 1 Jupiter year around the sun! We also learned that Jupiter rotates at a rate of 9 hrs, where the Earth takes 24 hrs to do a full rotation. We decided we would get VERY dizzy if we were on Jupiter. We learned more interesting facts about Jupiter, like why there is a big red dot on Jupiter... ask your kiddo what the big red dot on Jupiter is... I hope they remember! After we learned about Jupiter, we did an awesome art project of Jupiter with a paper plate and construction paper.

We worked in our Phonics Journals today learning about the letter Ww. We brainstormed LOTS of words that begin with Ww!

For Math today we had a quick lesson after French to learn about stories and addition. When there are two dinosaurs drinking from the lake and there are 5 dinosaurs eating grass... How many dinosaurs do we have all together? We had a few friends telling their own math stories and using their imagination!

Announcements/ Reminders

1. Christmas Concert is next Tuesday, December 11 at 6:30 PM. We have been working SO hard to prepare our song and dance for everyone! There is also a concert performance during the day at 1:30 PM!

2. Parent & Teacher interviews take place TOMORROW, Thursday, December 6th.  It is not mandatory. If you are unable to make your appointment, please email me and let me know. If you would like to move your time up, send me an email. I have quite a few gaps that I would be happy to move people up if they would like to! Also, students are not required to be at this meeting.

3. Bake Sale & Casual Day: Wednesday, December 19th.

4. Christmas Holiday begins on Friday, December 21st. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 4th, 2018

Totally Tuesday! 

To start off our day we had Reading Buddies with Ms. Samuel & Ms. Bannon's classes! This was our first time doing this and we really enjoyed it! We read books about the planets and our new friends read us all different stories. We were laughing and enjoying every second of making new friends and hearing new stories. 

After this we got pulled to practice for the Christmas Concert! We have been working so hard on our dance and cannot wait for our parents to see it! 

During math, Ms. Gray would write a math "sentence" on her white board and our friends would write the answer on their white board and show Ms. Gray! We were rock-stars! Ms. Gray was very impressed with our addition. After our lesson and the worksheet, we all did the "challenge me" activity. 

During UOI we learned so much about mars today! We learned that there is a mountain on Mars that is even taller than the highest mountain on Earth!! We also learned that "back in the day" people believed that there was life on Mars (Martians) but since have found that there are no actual traces of life on Mars. We learned that Mars has two moons and that some astronomers believe were just comets that got pulled into Mars' gravitational pull and got stuck there! Very interesting stuff! After this we did an art activity making the planet Mars!  


1. Spelling Test & Math Test went home today!! Please sign and send back the math test! :)
2. For the Christmas Concert: Outfit -- If you have a green or red track suit (sweatpants and matching top) or if you don't have that then jeans and a green or red sweatshirt/shirt will work! Any questions please ask. I can send an example of some through email.
3. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday! :) 

Monday, December 3, 2018

December 3rd, 2018

Monday Funday!

We had a friend win an award today!! The Thinker Award -- being a problem solver! :)

Today we started our day by learning about the letter Vv. We learned the new song for Vv and then we brainstormed a bunch of words that begin with the letter Vv! We were very creative with some of our words. We even incorporated FRENCH into this because of our friends included two words that begin with Vv in French. (Vendredi (Friday) and Vert (Green)) After this we wrote in our phonics journals!

During Math we started our Addition Unit! We began by working with partners and using our big squishy dice to roll a number and then add it with another number. We really love throwing the dice around and seeing what number appears! After this we worked in our workbook breaking apart numbers.

During our UOI we watched a video about the different parts of the Earth. What we see is the Earth's crust... Like a pizza, the Earth has crust that goes all the way around... Under the crust is the mantle and then the outer core and then the inner core! After we learned about all of the layers of the Earth, we painted our Earth. While it was drying we went to recess, snack, french and then we practiced the finale for the Christmas Concert! (Don't forget, the Christmas Concert is December 11!)

After this Ms. Gray worked on the Christmas Clap dance with us a little more. We worked in groups of 4 to practice. Ms. Gray was very impressed with our performance!


1. Please avoid allowing students to bring in toys for recess that could potentially be used as weapons. It makes it difficult to have to take away toys because they are being used in ways that they are not intended. Thanks so much!
2. Math Test and Spelling Tests will be sent home this week.
3. Parent/Teacher interviews Thursday!
4. For the Christmas Concert: Outfit -- If you have a green or red track suit (sweatpants and matching top) or if you don't have that then jeans and a green or red sweatshirt/shirt will work! Any questions please ask. I can send an example of some through email.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November 28th, 2018

Casual Wednesday

We read a story to start our day about the Tattle Tongue. This was an interesting story and a lot of friends are concerned that this is real and it could potentially happen to them!! AHH! They don't want a yellow tongue with purple spots! We learned when it is a good time to tell an adult and when it is tattling... for example: Telling Ms. Gray that someone got a pencil from the pencil box = NOT something to tell the teacher in the middle of the lesson. If someone is in danger or hurting your feelings or body then you tell the teacher immediately. We learned the "Rules of Tattling" according to the Tattle Prince. 

After we read our story and talked about the rules of tattling... we worked on our phonics. We learned how to neatly write the letter Jj and the sound that Jj makes! We practiced this by writing in our phonics journals. We found a bunch of words that begin with the letter Jj and we even have a friend in our class that starts with the letter J! Almost all of us drew this friend in our phonics journals! :)

During our inquiry into Math we took our math test! We did VERY well on our math test and we followed directions the whole time. Ms. Gray was so proud of us because everyone kept their eyes on their own paper and we were able to complete the test with ease!

After this we wrote our reflections for our report cards! We talked about all of the things that we learned this term and made a list on the board. Our friends then wrote their reflections. When everyone was done with their reflections we had 5 minutes of free-time in the classroom. Some friends chose to read in the tent, some chose to play with Legos and some friends chose to draw pictures! We had a lot of drawings of the Solar System today!

During our unit of inquiry we were learning about the planet, Mercury! We watched a video on Mercury and then we used glitter and grey crayon to colour the planet. Ms. Gray is excited to put them on the windows! We will be learning fun facts about all of the planets. After this, we had a dance party and practiced our dance for the Christmas Concert! Then it was time to pack up and go home! :)


1. Math Test went VERY well! :) Expect to see those next week in the agenda.
3. Report Cards go home on Friday! :)
4. For the Christmas Concert: Outfit -- If you have a green or red track suit (sweatpants and matching top) or if you don't have that then jeans and a green or red sweatshirt/shirt will work! Any questions please ask. I can send an example of some through email.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 27th, 2018


During morning meeting we read a story from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids... We love hearing about the same characters over and over. We are learning from how they are developing new habits and becoming happy kids! We worked on the blend SS today and found a bunch of words in the classroom that have the blend in them. Our friends have been LOVING word searches lately so, Ms. Gray has been getting some of these for our friends to find words that have the blend in them!

During our inquiry into math we reviewed graphs and how to read them. We reviewed collecting data and then reading our data... We got into our group from the day before and presented our results of our data (information) that we gathered about SMARTIES!! Then we completed a worksheet by sorting, counting, tallying, and graphing to practice our data skills! We had a great time!

During UOI we watched a video and learned a bunch of fun facts about the sun! We learned that it takes 170 YEARS to get to the sun from Earth if we were to drive 100 km/hr in a car! We learned that the sun even has oxygen like Earth does! After this we had a BLAST making a sun out of a paper plate and got very messy with the yellow paint and orange pastels. Ms. Gray got a lot of compliments with this activity... positive reinforcement pays off. We will be making more arts and crafts planets the next few days! (If you would like to send in a shirt to protect their uniform, you are welcome/encouraged to do that!)

We had recess, snack and french then we packed up and got all of our stuff ready to go home. Once we were all packed up to walk out the door, we did some daily 5 -- we were reading to someone, or reading to self. We love doing this, especially in the tent!! :)

Then we had MUSIC! We worked on the song (The Christmas Clap) with Mr. Flower that we will be performing at the Christmas Concert!


1. Homework: Review Packet for Math -- TEST IS TOMORROW!!! 
2. MATH TEST TOMORROW!! & Casual Day is tomorrow! (Wednesday)
5. Report Cards go home on Friday! :)
6. **Remember when wearing Gym Uniform -- we wear WHITE socks.**